Our Story

I’ve always loved projects, working hard and creating visually appealing things around me. My father had an extensive woodworking shop and let me work alongside him from the time I was 5 years old. A few years later, we built  a tree house and he let me do all the Finish work myself.  That is a  cherished memory I can still bring back,  like it happened yesterday.

My love of creating beauty with wood, came from those  early years. I restored my first home in 1976 and then later in life, worked passionately for 30 years,  restoring vintage homes in the Northwest with my husband, Larry.

Four years ago, when I was ready for a new adventure, my staging furniture needed selling. In magazines and stores, I’d seen pictures of painted distressed furniture and to my surprise, a new business was born.

I am, as passionate about giving new life to furniture, as my love of restoring homes. To repurpose, remake, restore charm and character to something, that has lost its luster, brings me great pleasure and happiness. I am thrilled to still be working with my husband in the restoration field, that we loved for so many years. He brings an amazing talent to the business, that I could not achieve alone.

Together we strive to keep furniture from being discarded, recycling it, giving it new life and a style that is all it’s own. This work is lovingly done by us and available for you to choose, your own treasure, from our wide variety of restored furniture. We maintain an inventory of 50 to 75 pieces, so you can find that unique one, that will ad special charm to your home.

My mission and desire, is to be as creative as I can, working hard to bring you well made, interesting, unique pieces of furniture, from my Barn Studio and into your home, at an affordable price.

I love the hunt. It is exciting, finding, transforming and creating a new look from something I find, out and about. As a child, I was crazy over grab bags and Easter egg hunts. This brings that same abundant joy back into my adult life. I get to do everything I truly love.

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