Rustic Farmhouse Shabby Chic Furniture: Painted – Repurposed – Restored

When you arrive at Artistically Restored’s Barn Studio, you will take a journey into the past, and experience a piece of country life.  Step into the old barn, full of vintage, painted patina, distressed furniture.  Your whole family can enjoy the shopping experience.  Children can visit the Llamas and two miniature horses, while you shop for furniture and view the antique decor in the old vintage barn.

Artistically Restored’s Barn Studio is nestled in the hills of Chehalem Mountain, surrounded by trees, vineyards, and orchards just 25 minutes from Washington Square, or Beaverton, Oregon.

At Artistically Restored, we diligently search for fabulous vintage and antique furniture that is painted, distressed and brought into our studio.  We also procure selected newer pieces, that are repurposed and remade, to look like old furniture.  Restoring and repurposing includes a variety of painting and distressing techniques.  This is used in such a way to bring out each pieces natural beauty, turning it into a conversation piece for your home.

Our trends span from lightly distressed elegance, like French country cottage, too shabby chic, chippy and rustic.  We also have the industrial look, along with Barn wood and reclaimed wood choices.  View our portfolio page to learn about our many styles.

Click here for our ad showing some current pieces available for sale on “Craigslist Furniture Barn Studio”.

Memories Past & Future